Diversity & Inclusivity

In the world of Billy loves Audrey™, every person is the focus, beyond origin, way of thinking and perspective. We firmly believe that by appreciating our diversity we gain strength and potential. This culture of togetherness ensures that everyone feels welcome, valued and understood. The colorful range of our products reflects children from a wide range of cultures, so that every child can find a piece of us that celebrates their uniqueness and origins.

Responsibility for our planet

Our commitment to protecting the environment is reflected in our conscious decision to avoid plastic in our packaging as much as possible. And when necessary, we only use recycled plastic.

Quality meets sustainability

Billy loves Audrey™ doesn't just focus on design. Every accessory and textile piece embodies a combination of beauty, functionality and durability. Our commitment to quality and safety is reflected in the careful selection of the best materials so that each of our products will delight you and your loved ones for years to come.

A working environment that inspires

We are proud to work with the best manufacturers in the industry to create our high quality products. Our employees and partners are at the center of our corporate culture. For us, the well-being and development of everyone is our priority. This is reinforced by our collaboration with production partners who hold renowned certifications such as:

  • BSCI
  • ISO 9001-2015
  • GOTS

For us, fair pay, humane working conditions and the absence of child labor and discrimination are non-negotiable. Our partners not only ensure a safe and hygienic working environment, but also support their employees in harmoniously combining work and private life. Because a balanced life leads to inspired work.