Our values


At Billy Loves Audrey, everyone is important, regardless of origin, ideas and perspectives. We believe that acknowledging our differences makes us stronger and more capable. Because of this, we foster an inclusive culture where everyone is welcome, valued and loved, no matter where they come from.

Our inclusivity extends to what we do. Our products represent children from different cultures around the world. In this way, every child can find the product that suits them based on their preferences, style, origin or culture.


We are committed to a healthy environment and do our part by minimizing the use of plastic in packaging. If use is unavoidable, only recycled plastic is used.


We're not just dedicated to making accessories and apparel that kids love. It is also important to us that they are durable. We combine aesthetics with functionality and durability and ensure that every product will give you and your family a long-lasting pleasure.

As a team with a special commitment to quality and safety, we have our products made from only the best materials.


We work with the best and most qualified manufacturers to produce the highest quality products. We build a positive relationship with all employees that promotes their well-being and performance. Employees at our production sites choose their workplace, benefit from freedom of association and the right to collective bargaining. Their employers all hold the following certificates: BSCI, OEKOTEX STANDARD 100, ISO 9001-2015 and some are GOTS certified.

We strictly reject child labour, discrimination and inhumane treatment. We also require a safe and hygienic working environment in cooperation. We only choose partners who pay living wages and guarantee moderate working hours in order to balance work and private life and thus get the best out of work and at the same time have a fulfilling life  to be able to lead.